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Take Flight


3rd Grade Boys Division - Rules Variations

The goal of the Take Flight Basketball League, 3rd grade boys division, is to help players to build upon the fundamental skills they learned in the lower age groups with more structured rules and game-like experiences.

Participant Playing Time Minimums - Participants are required to play at least half of the game.

Equipment - Rims will be set to 9 feet. Size 28.5 basketball will be used.

Game Timekeeping / Time Outs - Games will consist of four, ten-minute quarters. Time will be a running clock. The clock will not stop for player substitutions. No timeouts permitted in this league. There will be no overtime.

Free Throws - Free throws will be shot approximately 4 feet Inside of the regulation line. Please allow each player to shoot from a comfortable distance.

Traveling / Double Dribble Violations - Traveling and double dribble violations will be called. This will result in a turnover.

Full Court and Fast Break - Full court defense will not be permitted in this league. Fast breaks are allowed but coaches need to keep the fast breaks to a minimum. Please encourage your players to learn an offense.

Defense - Only Man to Man defense will be permitted. Players cannot double team but can help in the lane. Defense begins at the mid-point between half court and the 3-point line (marked by a gray line on the court).

Ball Screens / Picks - Ball screens and picks are permitted, focus on avoiding the moving picks.

Steals - Stealing passes and while dribbling or holding the ball will be permitted in this age group.

Blocked Shots – Blocked shots will be permitted in this age group. 

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