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Take Flight


4th and 5th Grade Girls and Boys Divisions - Rules Variations

Below are the Take Flight League rules variations that may slightly differ from KHSAA basketball rules:

Participant Playing Time Minimums - Participants are required to play at least one quarter (10 minutes) of the game. This is a change from lower Take Flight League divisions.

Equipment - Rims will be set to 10 feet. Size 28.5 basketball will be used.

Game Timekeeping / Final 2 Minutes/ Time Outs - Games will consist of four, ten-minute quarters. Time will be a running clock except for foul shooting situations.  The clock will not stop for player substitutions. During the final two minutes of the game, timekeeping will follow normal KHSAA procedures with clock stoppage at all dead ball situations. Two time outs per half per team are permitted. Each Time Out will be 1 minute in length. If the score is tied at the end of regulation, a two-minute overtime period will be played.

Free Throws - Free throws will be shot approx. 2 feet Inside of the regulation line. On a shooting foul, the clock will stop until the players are lined up. The clock will restart as soon as the ball Is given to the shooter for the first shot. The clock will continue to run if there is a second shot. All foul shots in the final 2 minutes of the game will be taken during a stopped clock.

Defense – Both Man to Man and Zone defenses (2-3,1-2-2, etc.) will be permitted. However, trapping and double teams are restricted to within the three-point line.  Defense begins at half court.

Full Court Pressing and Extended Trapping Defenses - Full court defense and trapping defenses extended beyond the three-point line will only be permitted in the final 2 minutes of the game. If the lead Is 8 points or less, both teams can press. If the lead is 9 points or more, the team in the lead cannot press. The team that Is trailing in the game can press regardless of the score.

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