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Kindergarten and 1st Grade Girls and Boys Divisions - Rules Variations

The goal of the Take Flight Basketball League, Kindergarten and 1st grade division, is to focus on the fundamentals of basketball in a highly instructional environment. Below are the rules variations for this division that differ from KHSAA basketball rules:

Participant Playing Time Minimums - Participants are required to play at least half of the game.

Equipment - Rims will be set to 8 feet. Size 27.5 basketball will be used.

Game Timekeeping / Time Outs - Games will consist of two, ten-minute halves. Time will be a running clock. The clock will not stop for player substitutions. There will be 1 minute between halves. No timeouts are allowed.

Coaches - Coaches will be allowed on the court to help ref the game and instruct the players. They should focus on eliminating traveling and double-dribbling. Coaches should also teach the players to stay inbounds.

Out of Bounds – Strictly enforced.  Results in a turnover.

Traveling & Double Dribble – Game is stopped.  Instruction is given to player.  Ball is returned to the player that committed the violation. If violation is immediately repeated after instruction, turnover results.

Free Throws - Free throws will be shot from the dashed foul line.

Full Court and Fast Break - Full court defense will not be permitted in this league.  Fast breaks are allowed but coaches need to keep the fast breaks to a minimum. Please encourage your players to learn an offense.

Defense - Only Man to Man defense will be permitted. Players cannot double team but can help in the lane.

Ball Screens / Picks - Ball screens and picks are not permitted.

Steals - Stealing all passes will be permitted in this age group. Stealing the dribble or while holding the ball will not be allowed.

Blocked Shots – Blocked shots will not be permitted in this age group.  Defensive players should be instructed to keep their hands and arms straight up when guarding a shooter.

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